CPC Bible College


Give God a Year in 2019 and Be Ready

At Centerpoint Church Internship you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to effectively influence your world.

We encourage you to decide that TODAY is the day that you resolve to pursue God’s call on your life… a day to set yourself apart to be prepared and developed… a day to position yourself here where desire becomes reality and your life fulfills its meaning.

*All course attract FEE-HELP so you won’t have to pay up front / Be ready and be transformed.

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Our heart is that each individual DISCOVERS the Grace and Truth of God which is freely given to us by a loving God in the person of His son Jesus Christ.



Our desire is that once you come into a personal relationship with God you will look to Him, embracing all He has for you resulting in a DEEPER knowledge and understandinG of His love for you.


We believe Gods best for you and therefore as a church we walk the journey with you helping in the DEVELOPMENT of your natural abilities as well as your God given gifts and talents.



We respectfully understand that you are a child of God and belong to Him so the heart and spirit of the leadership under the guidance of the Holy Spirit is that your DEPLOYMENT to a God planned Destiny is the sole focus and outcome.